A Day in Review Journal for Parents of a Special Needs/Autism/ADHD Child Multicolored


Explore our specially crafted printable journal, thoughtfully designed for parents of individuals on the autism spectrum or other special needs. Elevate daily experiences by tracking positives and challenges across key areas such as routine, communication, behaviors, social interactions, and school engagement. Empower yourself or your loved one with a comprehensive tool that fosters self-awareness and growth. Unlock the potential for positive change with this unique journal tailored to the unique needs of individuals with autism, promoting mindfulness and encouraging progress in every aspect of daily life


After several years I have finally created something that helps me
organize the million thoughts that flood my brain as I am laying in
bed reflecting on the good, the bad and the ugly of the day. I
found myself by the end of the week just focusing on the big, major
issues and feeling like I was missing something. There are so many
factors that impact our kiddos that I needed something to help
paint the whole picture.
Using a daily journal to document the challenges and
accomplishments of your child can provide numerous benefits for
effective communication with oneself, schools, and therapists. It
allows for a systematic record of your child’s daily experiences,
enabling us to identify patterns in behavior and emotions. As a mom
of two children, one who is autistic and another with moderate
anxiety, I find myself thinking “Oh I will remember to tell the
therapist that.” and then get to the appointment and forget some
details. We also celebrate the little victories in the moment, but
they tend to get lost in the shuffle of the challenging moments,
especially if it’s one of those weeks where there seems to be a lot
of challenging moments.
This journal helps organize the information so it can act as a
reminder to share the important information with educators and
therapists, offering valuable insights into the child’s needs and
preferences. Additionally, tracking accomplishments helps celebrate
milestones and progress, fostering a positive and supportive
environment. By maintaining a consistent record, it becomes easier
to track the effectiveness of interventions and make informed
decisions to enhance the overall well-being and development of your
I hope that you find these journal pages as beneficial as I have in
documenting and organizing all the beneficial information to
provide the best support for your child.

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